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12MM Silk Chiffon Fabric – Daffodil design

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Fabric Width

53/54“ (140CM)

Industry Weight



100% Mulberry Silk

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12MM Silk Chiffon Fabric – Daffodil design

To be frank, digital print silk fabric enjoys more popularity than plain silk fabric because much more possibilities can be created on it.

Almost all kinds of designs can be made into digital print silk fabric. The main groups are as below.
Animal, such as leopard, tiger and snake skin etc.
Floral: all kinds of flowers, plants and related elements.
Geometric: some shape factors

As we have already discussed silk fabric is a broad concept, and all specific items are covered in. Some regular qualities for digital printing are silk twill, silk charmeuse, silk crepe de chine, silk chiffon and silk georgette etc. And doble sided digital printing as an creative and interesting project is also available at us.

Digital print silk fabric is good for scarves, blouse and dresses. It is comfortable to wear since it is composed of silk, which is composed of protein fibers, it has good biocompatibility with the human body and has a smooth surface. It is irritating to the human body and has the lowest friction coefficient of all types of fibers, only 7.4 %. Therefore, when our delicate skin and silk want to encounter it will have a unique softness, according to the curve of the human body, so we can safely and consider every inch of our skin.

Silk fabric flora is pure, natural and widely used in dresses, blouses, shirts and scarves.

How to care silk fabric floral?

Washing: Silk clothing is made of protein-based delicate health care fiber. It is not suitable to rub rough items and wash with a washing machine. The clothes should be immersed in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Use special silk detergent to synthesize low-foaming washing powder or medium. Rub the soap lightly, (if you are washing small fabrics such as silk scarves, then shampoo can be used better), and the colored silk clothing can be rinsed repeatedly in clean water.

Drying: After washing, silk garments should not be exposed to the sun, nor should they be heated with a dryer. Generally, they should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun easily make silk fabrics yellow, fade and age. Therefore, after washing, silk clothing should not be twisted to remove the water. It should be gently shaken, and the reverse side should be spread out to air. Let it dry until 70% dry before ironing or shaking.

Ironing: The anti-wrinkle performance of real silk clothing is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber, so there is a saying that “no wrinkle is not real silk”. After washing, the clothes are wrinkled and need to be ironed to be firm, elegant and beautiful. When ironing, let the clothes dry until 70% dry and spray water evenly. Wait 3-5 minutes before ironing. The ironing temperature should be controlled below 150°C.


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