A Focused Service For Design Studios And Their Freelancers


Each time we print the latest batch of your new design samples, we are aware that you spend additional time cutting and hemming them ready to present to your potential buyers. Why not let us do that for you?

We have all the facilities here at The Silk Bureau, using our hot-wire cutter and our in-house seamstresses, to prepare your samples as individually pin hemmed or overlocked panels. This would save a lot of your valuable time when preparing for shows and consultations.

All we ask, is that your digital file of sample panels are all the same size and all share straight horizontal and vertical lines. Either butt the panels together or leave a very fine 1mm gap.



Choose your finish.

We offer both a flat pin hem and an overlocked hem to create the perfect edge to your design sample panels.

What colour is the stitching?

The finish will be in either white or black thread, depending on which suits the design.

How much will it cost?

We have an exclusive price point for Design Studios and their Freelancers who choose to use our finishing service. Please contact us for cost details.

Will it increase my lead time?

Please allow an extra working day for us to prepare your work and finish it before dispatch.

To order.

If you are interested in this service, please get in touch to discuss further. Email: [email protected]