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10MM Silk Chiffon Fabric – Stripes design

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Fabric Width

53/54“ (140CM)

Industry Weight

40 GSM


100% Mulberry Silk

Country of Origin


10MM Silk Chiffon Fabric – Stripes design
Features of silk chiffon fabric

1.Soft & Lightweight
2.Thin & Transparent
3.Two sides with the same texture
4.Smooth with natural sheen

Usage: summer dresses, tops, evening dresses and scarves

Silk chiffon fabric composed of 100% mulberry silk. The weight is 6mm and the width is 140cm/55’’.
It is quite appropriate to describe silk chiffon fabric as silky and as thin as a cicada wing. It often reminds people of the beautiful women who sing and dance lightly, and the fairy is full of beauty and gentleness!
Among the silk variety, silk chiffon and other silk types, such as silk georgette and silk wrinkle chiffon are as transparent as the mist in the morning light.
The delicate texture is charming, like the surface of the lake blown by the wind, and the obvious wrinkle of the water waves is wonderful and moving.


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