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Crepe De Chine Silk Printed Fabric – Leopard

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Fabric Width

53/54“ (140CM)

Industry Weight

68 GSM


16 MM


100% Mulberry Silk

Country of Origin


Crepe De Chine Silk Printed Fabric – Leopard.
More information about crepe de chine silk printed fabric
16mm silk crepe de chine fabric in 140cm width is one of the most frequently used silk quality to be printed with various designs. And this crepe de chine silk printed fabric is also in such specification. It is a kind of natural material with smooth hand feel, light in weight and a little transparent in look.

This crepe de chine silk printed fabric is highly saturated in digital printing process, very clear in patterns and has strong three-dimensional sense. It is a great material and design for shirts, blouses and dresses.

Crepe de chine silk is a variety of mulberry silk. This fabric is made of crepe texture on both sides, so it is also called double crepe. It is soft and has a light pearl luster.
The common specifications of crepe de chines silk covers 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 30 mm and 40mm. For 12mm/14mm/16mm 114cm width we have as many as 90 colors.
The rest of the specifications can be custom dyed in clients’ colors.
So what are the uses of crepe de chine silk? The most common use is to make clothing, but it is generally not recommended for pajamas and bedding, because the it is crepe texture on both sides and is not smooth enough.

Finally, I will talk about some post-processing of this mulberry silk. Its shrinkage is around 10%, so we often recommend pre-shrinking. In addition, crepe de chine can also be sand-washed and water-washed to achieve different clothing effects.

How to care crepe de chine silk printed fabric?
It is recommended to wash by hand dry clean is not convenient for you.
Use mild and neutral detergent.
Please take into account the shrinkage which around 10% for silk crepe de chin fabric.
Avoid strong sunlight to keep the colors in good status.


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